While the whole of India was basking in the glory of Manushi  Chhillar’s win at the Miss World Pageant on the 18th of November, no one ever imagined that the very next day would prove to be equally shameful for us Indians.

Manhandled, abused and attacked – The hero of the Versova Beach clean-up in Mumbai, Afroz Shah, was forced to back off and put an end to his efforts of over 2 years that started off in October 2015. We imagined that after crossing a gigantic milestone of 109 weeks of this selfless and commendable deed, the journey towards a Clean Ocean would have come to a successful end, however, instead it has just come to a disruptive and abrupt standstill.

Can we stoop any lower ??!!  Who is to be blamed for this? The local goons who shamelessly resorted to violence, the civic authorities who failed miserably in their administrative responsibilities or the Policemen who failed to protect Mr Shah and all the Volunteers. Well !! Sadly, it’s ‘US’. The whole ‘Versova Clean-Up’ initiative began as a result of tons of garbage being dumped in the Ocean by the so called responsible citizens of this country. It’s high time ‘WE’ realize that it’s our duty to prevent rather than wait for someone to cure. Our salute to Mr Afroz Shah who began this clean-up almost “ALONE” in 2015 and the thousands of Volunteers who joined in eventually and put in their sweat and blood towards this noble deed.

Please share your views on this as we feel what happened was out-rightly wrong and the onus is on us to get things back ion track. #PERSONALITYMATTERS