What’s more important ? CGPA or PERSONALITY ?
Why do we give more importance to our grades than our personality ? Mind you, in most of the cases it’s your personality that helps you cross the hurdles, it’s your personality that helps you achieve the unthinkable.

 Ours is a country of cricket lovers and I’m sure you’ve seen many videos of our beloved Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the hero who has a cool vibe, and a brilliant attitude. You would have seen multiple videos of the same MAHI which clearly shows how presence of mind, attitude and personality can help you win matches for your country.

So coming back to the main topic. CGPA or PERSONALITY, what’s more important ? Let me answer that in one line. If CGPA would have been more important then there would not have been any interviews in the World. If only CGPA would have mattered then people would have been getting jobs, getting married or making online friends based on their CGPA.
Let us know if you feel otherwise.