Personalities of the day – Heena Sidhu, Asim Dasgupta and Rohit Shetty

Heena Sidhu  – Beware ! This woman can shoot ? #Persolanitymatters

Heena Sidhu became the first Indian pistol shooter to attain the number one ranking in the World. Heena won a gold in the ISSF World Cup Finals.

Earlier Sidhu pulled out of Asian Air Gun Championship in Tehran as Iran made it mandatory  to wear a hijab


Asim Dasgupta – The man behind GST  #Persolanitymatters

GST reminds us of the famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan “you may like me or hate me but you can’t ignore me”. Well it’s the same story with GST. But do you know who was the real architect behind GST ?

Asim Dasgupta was the man behind GST, an MIT doctorate . More than 1.3 Billion people are today  following the man who went to a small school called  Malda Zilla school.

Rohit Shetty – 10 flims 807 crores #Personality matters

Did you know that his first movie as a director was Zameen and since then his movies have done a cumulative business of Rs 807 crores.

Rohit had humble beginnings, his mother was a junior artiste and his father was a stuntman. Today he is making the Bollywood stars dance to his tunes and giving laughter riots to the country.