Jyoti Mondal – The judge who was being judged so far #Personalitymatters

Jyoti Mondal became the first transgender judge of India. In our view this is as historic an event as India’s independence. We all know how transgenders are treated in our society and it talks volumes about the character and personality of an individual who once was forced to beg but then studied law and has now become a Judge of  World’s biggest democracy.

Jyoti, you’ve proved that #Personalitymatters and we salute  you.


Pargat Singh – The real hockey hero #Personalitymatters

India recently won The Asia cup Hockey Tournament. India won 6 Olympic Gold medals in hockey between 1928 to 1956 but after that our performance started declining until recently

Very few people know this but Pargat Singh was the man responsible for bringing India back to this winning habit. Pargat Singh was the sports director of Punjab between 2005-2012 and it was due to his efforts that Punjab had maximum representation in the national team.

He brought astroturfs to villages of punjab. Due to lack of funds he bought small astroturfs which were 6 a side sized and motivated players to increase their speed. Today 20 villages of Punjab have 6 a side astroturf.

 Mr Singh, your personality and out of the box thinking has taken India to newer heights and hopefully will take us to old glory days. You’ve proven that #Personalitymatters and we salute you.