Wohoo..The Crown is back baby.. Manushi Chhillar #Personalitymatters

What a Stunning Finale that put an end to India’s dry spell of 17 long years in the World’s most Coveted Beauty Pageant Contest..

We cannot take our eyes off the gorgeous Manushi Chhillar who stole our hearts with her grace and charm at the Miss World Pageant. And so everybody got curious and did what the curious mind prompts us to do..yesss..’GOOGLE’ Manushi¬†Chillar..

Born into a family of doctors, one would think that Manushi would have followed in her parents’ footsteps.

You are right! Apart from being our Favorite person right now, Manushi is pursuing a medical degree as well. A perfect combination of Beauty and Brains. There’s no doubt that she is a gorgeous girl but what is it that made her stand out from the other 120 equally talented and beautiful candidates across the Globe and win the hearts of billions ?


Be it the News, Social Platforms or our very own Mango people (Aam Janta), everyone is talking about what she said more than how she looked. She touched our hearts with the most beautiful and heartfelt answer while standing up there portraying her immense personality and confidence so high that one could reach the moon.

Clearly just a picture of hers wouldn’t have made us see this side of hers. If it was just for face value, a Beauty Pageant would have never concluded because the selection process would have never ended. But thank god that its not the superficial face value that matters, instead it’s an individuals Personality that calls for a decision. And that is why just a competent resume will not help you achieve your dream or your dream job, ‘YOU’ will, your ‘PERSONALITY’ will. Express yourself and achieve more.

We believe that #Personalitymatters Let us know if you feel otherwise..